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Glory forever needs YOUth

Inspired by the postings of the Shrine of St Jude recognising Pandemic Heroes, we would like to take a moment to recognise the Youth, who have been utterly inspirational and resilient over the last 12 months.

UNICEF have estimated that nearly 168 million children have missed almost a year of school worldwide. And let’s face it, it will be up to them to clear this mess up in the years to come. The way we have treated our earth over the last 200 years has clearly contributed to the position we find ourselves in; and sadly we have ended up giving our youth the Hospital Pass of all Hospital Passes.

For our children and our youth, whilst in the main they have been spared by the pandemic, there is still considerable concern about their future – and in time our youth could suffer more than most. They need our prayers and support now! We need to equip them mentally, physically and spiritually for the road ahead.

They need our prayers and support now!

Pope Francis in Fratelli Tutti, calls us all, but especially our young to action. He describes a broken world of which we are a part of and have contributed to, and then provides a program for transforming it. Let us be like the Good Samaritan and nurse our world back to health. Our prayer should be for the young people. Our prayer should ask the Lord to be present, and be call for strength in our youth to give them the mental health, wisdom and skills to be able to fix our world, so that it will be, on earth as it is in heaven. Our prayer is simple, our prayer is a call to Our Father to help us – in the words that He taught us.

Thanks to Cafod, Hillsong Worship and the Shrine of St Jude for the Inspiration (follow them on Twitter - see our followership here for details: )

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