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Let's do 22: 2 Squared Challenge - Share God's love with 2x2 = 4 more people

A message from our sponsor: Oh no I hear you cry, but bear with it, he's mainly saying thank you.

One year on, the Virtual Catholic Youth Website is getting a lot of daily traffic, regular views on Twitter with increasing followers. Thanks to you for all your support on this. Genuinely, thank you, thank you, thank you. This was always a 3 year plan for me, and now after year 1, given the large volume of traffic on the website, and repeated enquiries to sell advertising on the website (which will not happen whilst I own the domain, as this was always intended to not be for profit) – it is time to move to the next level of engagement. But for what we have achieved this year, thank you.

The Holy Spirit is asking more, we need to evangelise and reach more people. We at VCY need your support. We need more up to date resources and prayers. We need more, so we can share this to more people. Just like our website, everything we point to needs to be free at source.

Accessibility to all (not just those with a credit card) is key.

One of our followers kindly described us as the, “Curators of wonderful resources from around the world”. But we are hungry for more wonderful resources and to reach more people. So our challenge for 2022, is the 2 Squared Challenge (To share God’s love with 2 Squared / 4 more people in 22). To help, we hope we and all our friends use all resources available to us (including of course our website) to reach, touch and enrich the lives of 4 more people.

The 2 squared challenge isn’t easy. Reaching one person is hard enough, let alone 4, but that should be our aim for 2022. We need to move past lockdown lethargy to share the risen Jesus in all that we do both on-line and face to face throughout the world. The gift of inner freedom was given to us by the Holy Spirit to leave the “locked room” and go out proclaim the good news, and that is something we cannot ignore. It is what we are called to do. We need to share our faith with those who have given up the practise of their faith (perhaps because of lockdowns) or with those who are searching for greater meaning in life because of experiences over the past year.

So, Come all ye faithful, and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us, our families & friends, our parishes and across the whole world to share the good news with all.

And just because it is Christmas, a little something from Pentatonix to uplift us all for the road ahead.

May God bless us all this Christmas, and the Holy Spirit guide us all on the right path in 2022.

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