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A great way to pray.

We at VCY believe in continually praying a little, and loving a lot. It is fundamental to following in the way of the Lord. A prerequisite to praising the Lord. We can do this at all times. Jesus obviously did it in the Garden of Gethsemane but also within the Gospel, there are times where he took himself off the pray. St Teresa of Calcutta managed to squeeze in 4 hours of prayer a day. Wow! You may be thinking, that isn’t possible or even practical. But why not offer up what are doing as a prayer.

We can do it anywhere, we don’t have to take ourselves away to a quietened room away from others all the time to be with our Lord. #Reminder: HE IS ALWAYS WITH US. It is great when can find the time to do this. But it isn't always practical.

It is important to build a relationship with God.

So what other options are there. As St. Paul said, we can, “Pray Constantly”. For example, when we’re about to do something different, or falling asleep, or when we’re about get on a trampoline, we can offer it up. In asking our Lord and God to be present; (we know God is omnipresent, so it is recognition he is with us at all times); we can then offer up our 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline to our Lord, and accepting what comes from it, be it divine inspiration or just the feeling of tiredness and exhilaration, or being out of breath, we accept the consequence.

We can't take any credit for this. Ascension Press in their videos from Fr. Mike Schmitz summarise this 3 step process as: for Ask to be present, offer what you are doing, and accept what comes from it. And we encourage you to watch this video.

We love it, and it is a great way to not feel so overwhelmed that you seemingly offer very little time to our Lord. The more we do this, easier it will become.

We ask you Lord to be present, and offer this blog (and our reading of it) up to You. And we accept whatever You put in our path that comes from it. Amen.

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